2017 Needs to Go, Like NOW

I think we can all agree that 2017 has been – for lack of a more polite term – a real shitstorm, yes?

Some of it is good and powerful and wonderful and has got to happen. For the forest to return full and vibrant, some stuff has got to burn down. And, oh boy, is there some stuff burning down.

More needs to go and it hurts. But it needs to happen.

Wounds need cleaning before they heal. I know, so much pretty imagery this morning. This might be why I’m better with nonfiction than fiction. I’m no poet.

BUT. There are some things coming up energetically this weekend that are big, big, big.

The full moon this month and Mercury retrograde coincide on the 3rd. This is HUGE.

The full moon is all about releasing and this one will be a supermoon. Awesome time to do all the releasing you need to do. In fact, since it’s close to the end of the year, consider using your ritual this weekend to release not only things you wanted to release for the past month, but also consider releasing 2017. You’ve probably got more that you want to release than you should all at once, anyway, and you still have time to do a second release for 2017 later in December.

But there’s also Mercury going into retrograde for a time. We’re in the shadow now, but we’ll feel the fuller effects on the 3rd. Here’s the thing. Don’t be scared of Mercury in retrograde. Yes, you should be careful with big decisions, etc., but look at it for what it is. It’s a time to slow down, to reflect, to refresh. In fact, if the word starts with the prefix “re-” then you should consider doing it. I’ve talked about Mercury in retrograde before, and perhaps some of those tips will help you now.

Breathe and GROUND. Breathe and ground. All will be well.