Work with Me – Reiki Sessions and More

Interested in experiencing some Reiki for yourself? Or possibly you’re interested in something else that I offer. Here are the different services available right now. Payment is made via PayPal in advance of the service. If you have questions, feel free to email me and we can talk about what you’re looking for.

Curious about what other people have said about working with me? You can read testimonials before you buy a service.

Remote Reiki Sessions

I can send Reiki to you wherever you are in the world. If you’re experiencing something specific, such as emotional distress, physical discomfort, or other issues, I’ll be happy to set the intention that the Reiki helps you with that condition. Reiki goes where it will, however, and if there is something that must be dealt with first or more urgently, the Reiki will address that first.

I can also send Reiki to your pets! Please just let me know your pet’s name and the concern you’re addressing with the Reiki. <3

Remote Reiki sessions, for both people and pets, are $55 and are payable in advance through this link. Include any information you want me to know in the notes section.

Remote Space Clearing with Reiki

Do you feel as if the energy in your home or office is just sitting there, stagnant? It might be the case. Moving furniture around is an easy way to get energy flowing again, but that’s not always realistic to do, especially in an office. I can send remote Reiki to the space you specify and help that energy to move and clear.

Please note: I am not an exorcist or a demonologist. If you feel that you have something more going on, this is likely not the service that you need. This is merely a Reiki sweep to help energy get flowing again. It’s not intended to banish anything.

Remote space clearing with Reiki is $77, payable in advance. Include any information about what space you’d like cleared in the notes section.

Pendulum Check-in

I will use one of my pendulums to answer up to 5 yes/no questions for you.

This isn’t predictive in nature at all, so please do keep that in mind. If your questions are along the lines of “Will I/Will they/When pendulum check-inwill…” I won’t be able to do a check-in for you. Also, please avoid questions of a legal or medical nature. I can’t diagnose anything for you and I’m not an attorney.

This is purely for entertainment purposes.

If you’re nervous about sharing your questions with me, I’ll use my own phrasing to check in and obtain a yes or no answer for you.

Pendulum check-ins are $25, payable in advance. Include your questions in the notes section. Alternately, if some of your questions are dependent upon answers from the first few questions, we can email or Skype in order to get you the answers you’re seeking.

Oracle Card Pull

Oracle cards have always been fascinating to me. They can often show you something that you knew in the back of your mind, but hadn’t fully acknowledged yet. I’ll be happy to pull an oracle card from one of my many decks for you and share with you the information about the card. If there is any information that leaps out at me about the card, I’ll share that with you, too.

Oracle card pulls are $22, payable in advance. I’ll contact you and let you know what decks I have currently and we can determine which one you’d like to use.