Happy Customers

Here’s what some of my happy customers have been kind enough to share with me about their experiences after a Reiki session with me.

Have you had Reiki from me and want to share kind words, too? Feel free to email me and let me know!

Sharon needed some help with a feral cat:

“One of my feral cats appears to have feline stomatitis, which is a painful condition of the teeth and gums. In fact, he’s lost teeth. Veterinarians treat this by pulling all the teeth. This is something I cannot afford, not to mention it would place him in significant danger. We have coyotes and large dogs in the area, and he needs all his defenses to survive because he refuses to become an indoor cat.

He is on homeopathic remedies, but they are not 100-percent effective. I liquefy his wet food, but he still won’t eat if he hurts too badly. I asked Cricket for Reiki healing. She set him on a 72-hour intention channel. Here’s how it went:

Day 1: He refused to eat but wanted me to pet him, something he hadn’t wanted in weeks.

Day 2: He demanded love and then fussed for food. He ate one can.

Day 3: He demanded love and food, and this time he ate two cans.

Day 4 (Night After 72-hour Intention Channel): He fussed for love and food and ate 1 1/2 cans.

Feline stomatitis also causes excessive drooling, so his face is always dirty. Day four, he let me wipe his cheeks and chin. He wasn’t overjoyed, but he didn’t fight me. This, too, is progress. He’s feral, and even though he lets me pet him, he prohibits any other contact. I’m amazed at his attitude change and appetite. This is a miracle, as I have felt hopeless in my efforts to help this poor baby.”

Note: I followed up with Sharon, and he’s still doing well as of this writing.

Sharon also had some health issues of her own she was battling:

“I, too, have benefited from Cricket. I have suddenly developed edema. I have been able to reduce my swelling to a certain extent, but my feet and legs still poof up at times. Cricket put me on a 48-hour intention cycle and my swelling is nearly gone. I even took Advil, something that was exacerbating my condition, with zero side effects.”